August 13, 2018

Kurt Weber, COO of Alliance Reservations Network, was thrilled to spend Friday, July 13 in Miami participating in Educate Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged high schoolers.

How Educate Tomorrow makes a difference

Educate Tomorrow encourages underprivileged kids to seek further education after graduating high school. Their focus is to impact these children’s lives positively, helping them mature into contributing members of the community. They believe the key to this lies in individualized coaching, or mentoring, which is how Weber chose to give back.

Before Alliance Reservations Network

In addition to having a lot of fun at Top Golf, Weber spoke during lunch about his career path that began over 30 years ago as a front desk clerk. He shared how the hospitality industry is still a place where you can start at an entry level position and build an exciting career. He could not have imagined how starting as a college intern would have enabled him to travel and work around the globe. Places he has since traveled to include Europe, Australia, Asia and North and South America. Weber is grateful to the mentors who helped him to develop the skills to grow his career and support his family.

How Alliance makes a difference

Alliance Reservations Network is committed to giving back to the community. As part of that commitment, each Alliance employee is offered two paid days per year to volunteer for an organization of their choosing. This is part of Alliance’s initiative to maximize the impact we have on our community and our employees.

“It was an honor to spend the day with these bright and talented students,” says Weber. “I hope sharing my story, as well as a few funny guest experience stories, may have encouraged them to consider seeking out a career in hospitality.”