July 18, 2018

Alliance President Peter Strack has been featured in a recent article on Rescue a CEO, a community of blogs targeting entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners. The article, 26 Entrepreneurs Share Tips on How to Be More Efficient, is a compilation of excellent advice from entrepreneurs such as Strack. The advice shared serves as a suggestions for how to juggle essential and non-essential tasks that entrepreneurs and business owners may face so that they can be more efficient.

“The tips I shared are things I try to live out every day,” says Peter Strack. “Structure is so important when you are your own boss. When you prioritize what’s most important you have a better chance to grow your business. I want to share my lessons so other people don’t have to learn the hard way.”

Strack provides 4 tips for being efficient:

  • Learn from the success of others
  • Delegate
  • Prioritize the most critical tasks first
  • Finish what you start

Several of his suggestions were echoed by other entrepreneurs in the article. Mikey Moran agreed with Strack on focusing on the most critical tasks, and Brian Cairns also endorsed finishing what you start. Steve Thorley emphasized delegation as a key to efficiency.

Peter Strack has taken his own advice, and his track record of growth proves that it works. As a result of Strack’s leadership, Alliance Reservations Network has seen increased revenue year over year since the company he founded, Alliance View LLC, merged with Alliance Reservations network. Strack has also provided other advice to entrepreneurs.

Read how Strack maintains efficiency on Rescue a CEO.