February 9, 2021
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In a time when flexible travel options are in demand, Group Productivity Solution (GPS) is stepping up to the challenge. Through a new integration with International Medical Group® (IMG®), a leading travel insurance provider, GPS now empowers its partners to offer trip insurance to their travelers.

Travel Protection

IMG®’s travel insurance policies cover a multitude of travel issues:

  • Trip cancellation for any reason—including cancellations related to COVID-19
  • Trip interruption or delay
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Accident and sickness medical expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation

The policies are inexpensive—a fraction of the cost of the total reservation. In exchange for the low premium, event travelers can book travel with less risk. For event planners, that reduced risk can translate to better booking rates.

Customer Support

IMG® offers international, multilingual customer support for policy holders. GPS partners (clients) do not need to answer questions or act as a middle man for IMG®. This is especially helpful in the unfortunate times when events are cancelled due to COVID-related issues. GPS partners can simply direct their travelers to call IMG® with any questions they might have. 

Easy Integration with GPS

GPS partners work directly with IMG®. After the agreement is confirmed, IMG® will communicate with ARN and the integration will be turned on. Partners don’t need to submit a support ticket or even send an email. 

Once enabled, the event booking engine for each event managed through GPS will show a travel protection add-on option at checkout. Travelers simply check a box to add the cost to their bill and check out as normal. Their policy is issued and the ARN confirmation email will capture all details, including policy number and customer service contact details.

No Cost, Plus Commission

On top of the easy process, IMG® travel insurance is free to set up. GPS partners pay no fees to IMG®. On the GPS side, there is no cost to enable the integration. No custom development work is necessary.

It’s also a potential revenue stream for GPS partners. In addition, through its partnership with ARN, IMG® is offering GPS partners 15% commission on all insurance policy sales. IMG® will pay GPS partners directly. 

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