June 22, 2018

President of Alliance Reservations Network Peter Strack recently shared some words of wisdom with The Startup, Medium.com’s largest entrepreneurship publication, on rules for attaining success in business. The Startup strives “to empower, inspire, & serve” a community of over 300,000 innovators and entrepreneurs. Strack is in good company in this community, and is excited to have joined in the conversation.

Peter Strack has always been an entrepreneur. He started his first business at 12 years old, and has pursued his own projects ever since. He has years of experience in leadership, sales, founding businesses, and tech startups, and is happy to share some of what he’s learned.

Under Strack’s leadership, Alliance has seen a dramatic increase in sales, leading to over $2 billion in company revenue. Alliance Reservations Network is now one of the largest travel technology booking engine providers on the globe.

Read Strack’s Rules for Business Success on Medium.com.