June 22, 2018

At Alliance Reservations Network, our goal is to create efficiencies in our hotel booking software to optimize our customers’ time spent planning their events.

We have listened to the feedback of our valuable customers and recently announced the enhanced Group Productivity Solution (GPS) Support Center, a resource for new and existing GPS users to exponentially increase productivity.

GPS is Alliance’s solution to easy, efficient event lodging management. The software is built around a powerful private-label hotel booking engine, and condenses the lodging process by managing RFP submissions, reservations, room block management, and invoicing & reporting. These tedious tasks are combined into one streamlined application, maximizing our clients’ time spent planning their events.

The enhanced support center offers new users streamlined startup training, including a Getting Started tutorial and detailed documentation on each section of the GPS application. Existing users will find user guides and tips, technical support, and software FAQs. These tools are meant to provide immediate solutions to any questions users may have about the application, enhancing user proficiency and increasing productivity gains. This enables our customers to have more time for other aspects of event planning.

In the same spirit of efficiency, the support center can be accessed in two different ways on the same GPS user interface:

  • By following a link in the top right corner
  • By clicking on the “?” in the bottom right corner

GPS Help Icon


Both links lead to a page in the user guide corresponding to the page of the application the user was on before clicking either support center link.

Additionally, support tickets can now be submitted through the “Support” link on the top right corner of each page in the GPS application.

Alliance will continue to develop its products for seamless, more efficient event lodging management.

Learn more about GPS and how it can help you manage your event’s life cycle.