March 19, 2020

Managing Director at Alliance Reservations Network, Peter Strack, has years of experience navigating the ins and outs of strategy and operations. Recently, shared Peter’s advice on how to address budget competition between departments in a technology company.

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Strack’s advice centers on how to allot finite resources between different departments within a technology company. His strategy is simple: be proactive, communicate, and plan. He stresses knowing your long term and short term goals. Then it’s important to communicate with all departments on those goals and what is needed to achieve them. Budget requests are then measured according to the plan for achieving the company’s goals.

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His advice is included in a list of contributions from 12 other representatives. Many of them echoed parts of his advice. Linda Apsley, Vice President of Data Engineering at Capital One, also emphasized the importance of a technology strategy.

“I’m honored to share what I have learned from my years of experience at Alliance alongside other distinguished technology leaders,” said Strack.

Contributions to Forbes

Strack is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only organization for technology executives. He regularly contributes to Read more of his insights below.

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