November 30, 2018

You’ve got a venue. You’ve got officials. You’ve got a website with registration. You’re ready to invite travel teams from all over the state, region, or country. It seems like you have everything. But you have one more piece to add to your sports tournament puzzle: accommodations for all those traveling players and their families. Event lodging management software will fill this gap, and give you an opportunity to earn a little more revenue.

Why You Should Offer Lodging


Travel teams are going to have to stay somewhere when they come to your event. Offering the ability to book hotel rooms near your event venue on your website can add tremendous value. Users can take care of their needs all at once. Also, you save them time that would be spent trying to find a hotel close to where they are playing.

Depending on the sport, a single team could need more than 9 rooms. Booking more than 9 rooms requires the team to request a group block at hotels. Event lodging management software allows you to contract large group blocks ahead of time. Then teams can book rooms in your block with no problem. This saves those teams a big, complicated step.


When you facilitate lodging for travel teams, you have the opportunity to earn commissions and rebates on every hotel reservation made. Offering hotel booking can become a profit center that helps fuel growth.

What You Need In Event Lodging Management Software

Integrated Hotel RFP Process

To negotiate room blocks of 9 or more rooms at a hotel, you are required to go through the hotel’s Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This process can be done manually through email or in person, but it is tedious. RFP software digitizes this process to make it faster and easier.

Not all event lodging management software includes functionality for the hotel RFP process. However, when this is included in a comprehensive event lodging management solution it saves lots of time. It also facilitates task management and saves on data entry.

Booking Engine

Once you have contracted room blocks, you need to offer them to attendees to book online. This is done through a hotel booking engine, and can be built independently for a significant cost. However, great event lodging management software should provide a hotel booking engine that you can link to from your website. The engine should be able to display available rooms and facilitate secure payment transactions.

Room Block Management

It’s important to be able to manage rooms and reservations on behalf of event attendees. If you offer hotel booking, inevitably you will receive calls about reservations. Great event lodging management software will keep track of every reservation. It should also provide you with the ability to make changes to reservations. This contributes to the convenience for both your attendees and yourself.


It can be challenging for a team to book multiple rooms located in a single hotel. To accomplish this would usually require one person to book the rooms all at once. However, event lodging management software should offer subblocking that makes this possible. Subblocking is when a team reserves a block of hotel rooms within your negotiated room block.

Great software will provide event attendees a way to secure a subblock. It should also allow individual members of that subblock to pay individually. As the event administrator, you should be able to see what subblocks are created and manage them with your software.


After your sporting event, you will need to invoice your contracted hotels for commission. Great event lodging management software will allow you to reconcile actual stays with each hotel. It should generate an invoice for every hotel with itemized reservations and the commission due on each.

One of the benefits of reconciliation and invoicing functionality is that it can speed up the payment process. Great software will keep track of everything so nothing gets lost.

Group Productivity Solutions

Group Productivity Solutions (GPS) is great event lodging management software. It streamlines event lodging management for the entire lifecycle of an event. The integrated hotel RFP management functionally helps keep all tasks in one place. The proprietary Task Manager keeps track of deadlines and prioritizes them by due date. It comes with a hotel booking engine for each of your events. These booking engine websites are customized with your event branding so it looks like part of your website. After your event, reconciliation and invoicing are easy.

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