March 4, 2019

Traveling youth sports teams have created their own industry: youth sports tourism. It’s not just the young athlete that travels to play in tournaments—sometimes the whole family comes and makes a mini vacation out of the trip. In these cases, what happens off the field, court or track matters just as much as the sporting event.

Lodging is a crucial component of the youth sports tourism experience. Making the parents happy means they are more likely to return to your event. But how do you do that? Group Productivity Solution (GPS) is sports travel management software that streamlines the tedious tasks involved in contracting, booking ​and managing the lodging process for events and large groups. It facilitates a lodging experience that optimizes the travel component of youth sports to be user-friendly.

Customized Booking Experience

After an event admin contracts for a room block at a hotel through GPS, they sell that inventory through a branded hotel booking engine provided with the software. This hotel booking engine has been tested by hundreds of thousands of travelers to ensure a smooth user experience. Families can pay for their reservation with their credit card just as they would on any retail hotel booking website. This user experience makes any event look world-class.

Simplifying the Process for Teams

GPS simplifies the user experience further for youth team sports tournaments. It does this by streamlining the otherwise difficult process of booking hotel rooms for the whole team at a single hotel.

Imagine a soccer coach is bringing his travel team to a tournament out of state. All of his players will need to stay in hotel rooms, and most will be traveling with at least one parent. Some players will have their whole family with them. The coach wants all his players to stay in the same hotel so they can easily coordinate transportation to each game and make sure everyone is on time. The parents and players want to stay in the same hotel as people they know.

To achieve this, a coach or team mom would have to book hotel reservations for everyone at once, or rely on the other parents to book their rooms individually but at the same time. They face the hotel not having enough rooms, or a few families waiting too long. Also, someone has to put all the reservations on a credit card and then collect reimbursements.

GPS Subblocking

When youth sports tournament event planners use GPS, keeping the team together is much easier. The coach or team mom can use the branded hotel booking engine to place a hold on the number of rooms that they need at a single hotel. They are given a unique link they can send to the rest of the team. Through that link, each family books their rooms and pays individually. No one person has to collect all the money for the full team block, and everyone can book at their convenience.

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