August 9, 2018

Why Offer Discounted Travel Booking to Your Members

Every association, fraternal order, professional society, and national club offers its members a unique mix of benefits in exchange for membership. These benefits justify membership dues and promote ongoing participation in the organization. In addition, travel benefits can add value to membership without adding significant cost to the organization.

What do you mean by “Travel Benefits”?

Travel benefits can include discounted rates on cars, hotels, flights, activities, and entertainment. These rates should be significantly less than retail rates that would be found on a public booking platform. Additionally, travel packages that bundle flights, hotels, entertainment and more may be offered to enhance the booking process.

How Travel Benefits Add Value to Membership

Let’s say you are a national fraternity or professional society with numerous local chapters and divisions. Then let’s say your organization offers exclusive access to discounted travel booking rates included in membership dues. Your members would be able to take advantage of this by booking their leisure and business trips. This incentivizes your members to maintain their membership in order to keep their travel perks, and may very well attract new members.

Adding discounted travel booking as a membership benefit can also alleviate the process of planning events for your organization. For example, when organizing an annual national convention, those travel benefits can be utilized to save your members money on travel and lodging.

Offer Travel Benefits as a Revenue Center

When considering offering travel benefits to your members, note that the travel platform should add to your organization’s bottom line, not take away. ​The platform should:

  • offer discounted rates
  • provide ease of access and management
  • be unique to your organization’s needs.

A strategically aligned platform will act as a revenue center as well. The right platform should provide your organization with the opportunity to earn commissions on bookings. Once the initial investment is recouped, the travel platform becomes a positive revenue center. After the initial purchase, the cost to maintain should be minimal.

How Alliance Connects it All

Since your organization offers benefits to members that you do not offer to non-members and the general public, you are what’s called a “closed user group.”

When your closed user group partners with Alliance, we provide you with a private customizable website powered by a travel booking engine, accessible only with a password. Once logged in, your members can access unpublished, highly-discounted rates that would not be found on retail sites. These rates can be modified to offer your organization the opportunity to generate commissions and booking fees, all while helping your members book travel all around the world.

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