March 23, 2019

The travel technology industry is always evolving, and with it the solutions available. There are many companies that offer to build solutions from scratch for their clients. There are others who offer white-label travel booking platforms that can be customized for each client. Sometimes referred to as private-label, white-label travel technology offers many benefits.

White-Label Booking Engines

Say you want to offer your target market a unique travel booking website. Using a white-label travel booking engine can get you up and running faster than building a platform yourself. White-label booking engines exist for flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and weekly rentals, so you are not limited in product offerings.

By starting with something quick to implement, you can reap two benefits. First, you can test your market with a smaller investment amount. If your business model does not succeed, you lose less on the venture. However, if your test is successful, you can start earning revenue sooner in comparison to building yourself. If you decide after your test is successful that you still need a custom-built solution, you have a revenue stream to fund that project.

White-Label Hotel Booking Engines

There are special incentives for working with white-label hotel booking engine providers.

First, hotel reservation distribution is a complex market, and white-label solutions have already mapped out those complexities. A single hotel can offer inventory through several different suppliers. As a booking engine operator you have to be sure you’re not showing your customers duplicate hotel results. This issue is solved through hotel mapping, and a good white-label solution will have this built in.

Second, the right provider will be able to offer access to supplier inventory so that you, as the site operator, do not have to negotiate your own supplier contracts. Negotiating supplier contracts can take a lot of time. New operators also have a harder time getting better supplier rates because they cannot guarantee sales volume.

These two hurdles delay taking a hotel booking engine to market. This time delay costs the operator in the form of missed revenue opportunity.

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