May 3, 2019

Room block management is a process that involves a lot of moving parts, requiring event planners to be diligent and highly organized. The right block management software will be a tool that makes things simple.


One feature that event planners should look for is one that makes room block management transparent. Block management software should offer the convenience of seeing everything at a glance. The inventory management process is made up of several different parts:

  • Pickup
  • Availability
  • Cancellations
  • Revenue

The right tool will show inventory management measurements side by side. The ability to view everything in one place eliminates the extra step of shuffling through spreadsheets and email correspondence, making event planners more productive and efficient as a result.


Another feature to consider is how well tasks are organized. Do tasks have to be entered manually, or is there automation involved? For maximum convenience, every outstanding task should be visible in one place.

In addition to managing the hotel RFP process, block management software should also clearly display approaching release dates. This is so that event planners know which contracted room block still needs to be filled. Otherwise, the remaining rooms will be removed from their inventory.

Effective room block management software should allow for easy modifications to existing reservations. Event planners also need to be able to follow up on cancellations with the hotel and reconcile actual stays when the event is over. Good room block management software will automatically keep track of commissions earned and then quickly generate invoices.

With the right tool, event planners can easily book complimentary rooms. Block management software will offer a quick way to fill this part of the earned inventory.


Not every tool provides a form of distribution. When it’s not provided, event planners need to figure out a way to distribute their inventory. A great tool will not only integrate with distribution systems but will provide the actual distribution system.

A hotel booking engine allows guests to select a room type, check-in and check-out dates, and pay for it themselves online. To provide excellent user experience, the hotel booking engine should match the event’s branding and style.

Multiple Events

Event planners need a tool that will successfully allow them to be more efficient, enabling them to organize more events as a result. Effective room block management software will have the capability of handling multiple events by streamlining the event lodging process.

GPS Handles Room Block Management

Group Productivity Solution (GPS) is event lodging management software that streamlines room block management. GPS offers at-a-glance views of the most important parts of the inventory management process. The proprietary task manager shows urgent action items so that everything is handled accordingly. Distributing rooms is easy with GPS’s powerful, customizable hotel booking engine. The features offered by GPS make it great for managing all types of event lodging, including sports travel management.

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