November 8, 2018

Booking engine software for travel comes in many different configurations. This type of software can be custom-built by a software company, or it can come as a standard solution from an affiliate network. It can also be assembled from different components from different companies. The level of service that comes with travel booking engine software varies just as widely. Choosing full-service booking engine software is an excellent option for many reasons.

What Features Are Necessary in Booking Engine Software?

Variety of Travel Products

The term “booking engine” can be applied to many types of software. Even when narrowed down to “travel booking engine,” the software can offer a limited or wide variety of travel products. For most companies, it makes sense to look for booking engine software that offers a full range of travel products.

  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Weekly Rentals
  • Airfare
  • Cruises
  • Packages
  • Activities
  • Entertainment

Great User Experience, Optimized for Conversion

How the software presents products to end users is extremely important. The end user should be able to find what they are looking for quickly, with minimal distraction or clutter. The booking process should be clear and easy.

Robust Reporting

Knowing what is happening in the on the user-facing site is important. How are users interacting? How many bookings have been made? The reporting tool in booking engine software should report on the metrics that are most important to the business.

Added Features of Full-Service Booking Engine Software

The necessary features listed above are just the beginning of what travel booking engine software can do. Full-service booking engine software can do additional valuable tasks. These additional features make running a travel booking business much easier.

Customer Service

When a user makes a travel reservation, that is just the beginning of the customer relationships. Ideally, a travel booking engine solution encourages users to become repeat customers. Once way to do this is through customer service and support after booking. Good booking engine software will have a customer service provider component that makes it easy for company representatives to find bookings and answer questions about them.

A full-service solution like Alliance’s travel booking engine comes with customer service staff and an integrated support platform. Alliance clients do not have to take care of customer service at all. It is all handled for them by Alliance.


Many software companies can build the immense technical infrastructure required to offer travel booking. However, populating that engine with inventory is something the client needs to handle themselves. Negotiating contracts and rates with travel providers can take months, and can also involve expensive deposits. Travel booking engine software that includes access to travel inventory can speed up this process.

The full-service booking engine software that Alliance provides includes the option to use our inventory. Alliance is in the best rate tier with almost every relevant supplier in the industry. Those great rates are passed to our clients. Our travel platform is customizable, though, and allows for clients to get their own hotel contracts.


In the travel industry, accounting can be complicated. Many travel reservations are made months in advance, and cancellations can happen in the interim. How the software handles accounts receivables and accounts payable is an important consideration when evaluating solutions.

Alliance’s booking engine software includes accounting services. Because we pass our inventory to our clients, we take responsibility for the accounting. Alliance partners simply cash checks.

Why choose a full-service booking engine solution?

In addition to the extra features that full service booking engine software can provide, implementation is faster. Also, a full-service solution is easier to manage, giving clients more time to promote their product.

Faster Implementation

Producing proprietary booking engine software is a time-consuming task. Software companies with lots of developers and expertise will still need a considerable amount of time to create an excellent solution. Integrating separate booking engine software components like hotel mapping and a front-end interface will still take time. However, full-service travel booking engine software from Alliance takes very little time to implement, even with advanced customization. The software has been matured over several years and already includes lots of options and features.

Low Maintenance

Technology evolves, and with it booking engine software must evolve. Alliance’s full-service booking engine software is continually maintained at no expense to clients.

Get Started with Alliance’s Booking Engine Solutions

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