June 4, 2019

If you are not using a private-label event travel booking engine for your event lodging, you could be missing out. An event travel booking engine is a website through which an event attendee can reserve travel reservations. This type of website is most commonly used to offer hotel reservations to traveling event attendees. However, event travel booking engines can also offer flights and car rentals.

Building an event travel booking engine from scratch is extremely cost-prohibitive. Development is time-consuming and expensive. Due to the limited customer base of event attendees, it can be difficult to recoup this cost. Instead, event planners can use private-label booking engine solutions, which are already built.

A Proven Solution

A powerful private-label event hotel booking engine is available through Group Productivity Solution (GPS). GPS is an effective lodging management solution built around event planners. It is integrated with the event hotel booking engine. This streamlines both distribution and room block management.

The hotel booking engine user interface is optimized for conversion. The layout is user-friendly. It has been successfully tested across many event types. It has also been tested in other travel booking situations and proven its effectiveness.


The GPS layout remains constant for each event. However, the aesthetics of the travel booking engine are highly customizable for every partner’s needs. Color schemes and imagery are adjusted to match each new event’s brand. This creates a seamless user experience from the event site into the booking engine. The consistency throughout the solution makes events look world-class.

Integrated RFP Process and Room Block Management

The GPS application provides hotel RFP management, group room block management, and invoicing and reporting for after the event. The white-label hotel booking engine is integrated with this powerful tool. This streamlines the event lodging management lifecycle for event planners. GPS makes all the tasks involved less time-consuming and easy to maintain.

How It Works

After the hotel RFP process, contracts with the hotels are executed digitally. The event planner simply enters room block inventory into GPS. The inventory will then populate in the booking engine automatically. Event planners can easily manipulate the inventory being shown. This allows them to maximize incentives and commissions.

GPS’s room block management interface provides a real-time look at reservations across all contracted hotels. It also tracks all cancellations and modifications automatically. Event planners can view all important data from a single platform. Any pending reservations that requires the event planner to take action is noted in the Task Manager so nothing falls through the cracks.

Learn More about Group Productivity Solution

GPS allows event planners to be more efficient and make more money. Because it is integrated with a powerful white-label hotel booking engine solution, event planners can spend more time managing relationships and less time tracking event lodging. Request a demo of GPS today by completing the form below.