April 1, 2019

Hotel room block management can be time-consuming for event planners. There are many challenging tasks involved. However, there are tools to help event planners overcome these challenges. Group Productivity Solution (GPS) is an event lodging management tool that makes event planners more efficient. It resolves some of the biggest room block management struggles, including the following.


Negotiating room block rates at multiple hotels is efficient in GPS. Learn more about digital hotel RFP creation and submission in GPS.


After signing contracts with hotels for blocks of rooms, event planners need to fill those rooms. GPS makes this part of the event lodging lifecycle exceptionally user-friendly and professional.

Each event managed through GPS has its own hotel booking engine. It is branded with the event’s logo and colors for a seamless user experience. GPS populates the booking engine with the inventory contracted through the RFP process.

Planners direct event attendees to this booking engine from their website and other marketing materials. Event attendees use the booking engine to book a room and pay with a credit card like they would on any retail travel site.

Pick-up / Availability

Inventory management is another large task event planners face. Planners need to know how many rooms they have left to fill. They also need to know how many of their reservations have been modified or canceled. This information is complicated to keep track of manually.

However, GPS automatically tracks every booking, cancelation, and modification through its integration with the hotel booking engine. The GPS room block management dashboard gives event planners a full view of their blocks. Planners can see pick-up and availability across all contracted hotels, or view one specific hotel block.

From GPS, planners can easily make adjustments to the inventory available in their hotel booking engine. This feature enables them to influence attendee buying decisions to the planner’s benefit.

Complimentary Rooms

Some room block contracts include a guaranteed upfront or ratio-based number of complimentary rooms. Event planners can track these rooms alongside their other inventory in GPS. They can also make book these rooms for whoever they want.

Get Started with GPS Room Block Management

GPS does more than room block management. It manages the whole RFP process to source rooms and expertly assists with invoicing after an event. The efficiencies created by GPS through the event lodging lifecycle allow event planners to scale their operations. Fill out the form below to request a demo of GPS.