July 22, 2019

It can be a challenging task scaling your event management business without the right tools. When your events grow to a certain size it can become overwhelming and cost-prohibitive to manage them manually. Group Productivity Solution’s (GPS) robust group booking software makes the event lodging process more efficient. GPS streamlines all the event lodging tasks. This gives event planners the opportunity to provide a professional lodging and travel experience for all group types while saving time and money. This allows event planners can focus more on their other competitive advantages.

How GPS Works

RFP Process

To begin the group lodging process, event planners must submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to multiple hotels for pricing on group room block rates. GPS automates this process by creating, sending, and tracking digital RFP requests. The application makes it easy for event planners to compare all requests side-by-side and make the best-informed decisions for their attendees.

Customizable Booking Engines 

After signing contracts with hotels for group blocks, GPS makes it easy for event planners to fill rooms within the group blocks. Each event managed in GPS receives a customized hotel booking engine. The booking engine is populated with each room night contracted in the RFP. Event planners are then able to enhance the user experience by customizing the booking engine with their event logo and colors.

The actual booking process is simple for large groups of attendees. GPS’s group booking engine makes it easy for larger groups or teams to reserve rooms at the same hotel. The excellent user experience makes the event look more professional and credible.

Room Block Management 

Room block management can be very time consuming, especially when managing large group events. GPS simplifies group block management by optimizing the process.  GPS offers a robust block management system that streamlines events of all sizes. This block management software manages all reservations, modifications, and cancellations through a single interface. It will ensure that no task goes missed and each attendee is taken care of.


The number of tasks involved in large group block management can be overwhelming. As event planners coordinate bigger and bigger events, their workload increases. This can cause event planners to invest in additional staff. However, using an event management application such as GPS allows event planners to do more work with no additional staff. All tasks are streamlined, making existing staff more productive. With more time, event planners are able to scale the size of each event and the number of events they can handle. 

By streamlining routine tasks, event planners can compete in the event lodging market on non-routine services such as customer service. Also with GPS, you can manage groups of all types such as sporting events, conferences, concerts and many more. GPS’s group booking software features make it great for managing event lodging, including sports travel management.

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Group Productivity Solution streamlines lodging for large group events. GPS offers a real-time view of the most important tasks for group block management. The efficiencies created by this event lodging management software allows event planners to scale their operations. GPS is group booking software compatible with even the biggest of events. 

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