April 1, 2019

Sporting events bring people together. Teams, their families, and fans gather for the game, and when it’s over they each need a place to stay. Efficient sports travel management includes meeting the lodging needs of all attendees.

Event planners can provide a professional lodging and travel experience for teams, their families, and their fans by utilizing event lodging management software. Group Productivity Solution (GPS) streamlines the group lodging process, making it ideal for sports travel management.

Streamlined RFP Process

To begin the group lodging process, event planners must submit Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to multiple hotels asking for pricing on group block rates. Keeping track of these RFPs and the proposals submitted by the hotels takes time and organization.

GPS automates this process by creating and sending digital RFPs and displaying each proposal side by side, allowing event planners to make an informed decision. Contracting a room block is then as simple as clicking a button.

Customizable Branded Booking Engine

After the negotiation of room blocks, GPS makes it easy for event planners to fill rooms with its powerful hotel booking engine. The booking engine is populated with rooms contracted by the RFP process. Event planners can customize the booking engine with event logos and colors, enhancing the user experience.

The actual booking process is straightforward: teams and their families can reserve their rooms themselves using a credit card like they would on any retail site. GPS makes it easy for teams to reserve rooms in the same hotel. Providing sports travel companies with an easy way to secure lodging increases the likelihood that they’ll come to your events.

Room Block Management

Room block management is often a time-consuming process that can easily become overwhelming. GPS optimizes group block management, simplifying the process and saving time for event planners.

GPS tracks each reservation made through the hotel booking engine, allowing for easy room block management. Event planners can view real-time availability within the application, and easily make modifications to existing reservations. After the event is over, event planners can reconcile actual stays through GPS.

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