September 29, 2018

When comparing hotel booking engines to decide which is best for your business, there are many features to consider. How does it work with your existing tech stack? How much support comes with the hotel booking engine, on both the technical side and the customer service side? At Alliance, three hotel booking engine features have risen to the top of our clients’ “must-have” lists.

1. Customization Options

Every business looking for a private-label hotel booking engine has a unique business proposition. In order to differentiate themselves, the hotel booking engine they select has to be highly customizable. It needs to match their branding, of course, but it’s more than that. The user experience needs to be tailored to the business’s unique customer base. Business model considerations, such as hotel filtering according to the business’s needs, should be baked in.

Alliance’s hotel booking engine solutions are white-label, meaning they are designed to be branded for each client. We start with a user-tested template, but Alliance strives to tailor each interface to perfectly match each client’s desires.

Also, our functionality is highly customizable. We have a vast number of features our clients can choose from, and we are always adding new ones. We also build functionality to suit different client needs.

2. Commissions

Revenue is an important hotel booking engine feature. Calculating commissions on hotel bookings can be complicated, but with the right contracts and pricing, income can be optimized. When considering a hotel booking engine, clients have to compare the commission. Does a solution offer a flat percentage, or do they offer a more dynamic model?

Alliance’s dynamic margining allows clients to maximize commissions when wholesale prices are deeply discounted. Clients are able to offer users competitive prices while profiting from the best rate tiers and economies of scale. Dynamic margining can be calculated automatically or set manually on individual transactions.

3. Inventory

Having robust inventory makes the end user experience more valuable. A great hotel booking engine will either come with excellent inventory or allow the client to quickly and easily fill it with their own inventory.

Alliance offers inventory from almost every relevant supplier in the hotel industry. Our collection of over 600,000 properties is mapped by our sophisticated hotel aggregator. New suppliers can always be added per a client’s need. Also, Alliance’s hotel booking engine can even allow a client to use their own contracted rates rather than Alliance’s contracted rates.

Additional Hotel Booking Engine Features

The top three are common, but every business has its own priorities and needs. Also, as clients educate themselves about what it takes to sell hotel bookings, they find additional important features. Because Alliance’s technology has been matured over so many years, we offer so many other important features that add value to our client solutions.


Closing a hotel reservation starts a tedious process of confirming the end user stayed at the hotel and then getting paid commission. Often hotel rooms are booked weeks or months in advanced. Commissions are usually paid out 30-60 days after that.

When considering a hotel booking engine, the accounting features are really important. Does the booking engine have a mechanism for reconciling stays with a hotel or supplier? How automated is that process?

Alliance provides accounting services for all hotel booking engine clients. Our customers collect checks—we do everything else.


Businesses run on analytics. You can’t move the needle if you don’t know where it’s located. One hotel booking engine feature that is important to consider is reporting. A hotel booking engine’s reporting tools should show historical and real-time data.

Alliance tracks our clients’ real time conversions based on sessions inside our platform. This gives the user a barometer on how they are converting from previous days. In the same dashboard you can view may other reporting tools such as room nights booked, volume, supplier used, etc. You also have the ability to download the data into an excel format for customization.

Customer Service

In the travel business, issues are not confined to business hours. End users check into hotels at all hours of the day and all days of the week. Inevitably someone will have a question or run into a problem. Having a hotel booking engine requires providing customer service 24/7. Businesses looking to break into this industry need to weigh how they will address these customer needs.

Alliance provides full-service customer support on behalf of our hotel booking engine clients. End users who are traveling or have a question about the booking engine itself can call a number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and be assisted by a courteous and knowledgeable human. End users are greeted with “Thank you for calling Travel Services” or another agnostic greeting for a more cohesive experience. Of course, clients have the option to handle their own customer service. For these clients, we offer a white-label customer service platform that is integrated with our travel booking engines.

When considering which hotel booking engine to invest in, you may have your own top three must-haves. Alliance’s happy customers all have their own special needs and preferences. What sets Alliance apart is the robustness of its technology. It has so many well-developed features that satisfy a vast spectrum of clients.

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