May 27, 2020

During the global crisis resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, Alliance Reservations Network (ARN) has been innovating its products and services. As a result, ARN is taking the private-label travel booking industry up a notch.

We are proud to announce Trip Authority™, a significant evolution of our B2B travel platform.

“The impact of ARN colliding with RCI and Wyndham Destinations is being felt in Trip Authority™,” said Peter Strack, President of Alliance Reservations Network. “Together these powerhouses have elevated an already robust platform that serves a wide range of industries.”

Since ARN was acquired by RCI in 2019, additional resources have been dedicated to our closed user group travel technology. This has accelerated our ongoing enhancement plans. The new name for the platform, Trip Authority™, reflects just how robust this platform has become.

A Powerful Tool to Build Your Brand

ARN has long been committed to “building your brand, not our own.” Trip Authority™ executes that mantra in everything it does. This technology offers a completely customizable interface, down to the last detail. Additionally, Trip Authority™ includes proprietary tools that give our clients complete branding power over what products their end-users ultimately see, feel, and experience.

The customization doesn’t end there. Trip Authority™ is designed to become a business extension that is hyper-targeted to our client’s needs. This multidimensional travel technology wraps itself around the end-user using dynamically adaptive algorithms. Trip Authority™ molds everything from inventory offering and price points to rewards and loyalty integration around our client’s business model.

Ultimately, Trip Authority™ features optimize the brand experience to increase travel booking conversion rates, which in turn increases revenue for our clients.

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Trip Authority™ is a completely private-label travel booking solution for closed user groups and includes booking engines for hotels, flights, and car rentals. Access to the platform is in high demand due to the power it provides potential clients. To request a consultation on whether your company qualifies for access to Trip Authority™, please fill out the form below.