January 17, 2020

While in New York City this past week, Alliance Reservations Network (ARN) President Peter Strack had one of the most memorable moments of his professional career. He got to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The event was featured on national news outlets and online.

“I’m deeply honored to have this experience,” said Peter Strack. “I’m glad I could represent Alliance Reservations Network on a globally-recognized stage like the New York Stock Exchange.”

The NYSE rings its bell to signify the opening and closing of trade each day. The practice has been in place since 1903, and distinguished guests to include executives, politicians, and celebrities have been invited to participate at either opening or closing since 1956.

This event is yet another major milestone in the recent history of Alliance Reservations Network. In August Alliance was purchased by RCI, which is owned by Wyndham Destinations Inc, a company that is publically traded on the NYSE. Since the acquisition, Alliance Reservations Network has been noted as contributing positively to the performance of Wyndham Destinations Inc. 

“I’m very proud of what Alliance has been able to achieve in 20 years as a business,” Strack said. “We started from the bottom, and we’ve earned the respect and business of companies that are household names. To me, being on the stage to ring the bell represents a significant level of achievement. And Alliance will continue to grow from here.”

Strack shared the experience with Wyndham Destinations Inc. CEO Michael Brown, RCI President Olivier Chavy, senior leadership of those two companies, and representatives from their affiliate resort companies.