May 1, 2019

There are lots of tasks involved in hotel room block management that can be time-consuming for event planners. Group Productivity Solution, an event lodging management solution, streamlines these tasks to save time. GPS makes event planners efficient and reduces the risk of mistakes compared to a manual event lodging management process. It resolves many of the challenging tasks with managing large group blocks, including the following.

Managing Pickup & Availability

Managing large group blocks of hotel inventory can be time-consuming. There is a lot involved in keeping track of reservations made, canceled and modified. Manually tracking all of this information can require very detailed organization, and things can slip through the cracks as a result.

In events managed by GPS, hotel inventory is sold through an integrated hotel booking engine. Because of this integration, GPS can automatically track reservations as they’re booked, canceled or modified. The GPS Rooms Overview dashboard provides event planners with a way to monitor all activity in every room block. Pickup and availability can quickly be viewed for the entire event or at the hotel property level.

With GPS, event planners can also adjust their hotel inventory in real time. This feature allows event planners to direct attendees to the room blocks they want to fill first.

Addressing Modifications & Cancellations

Managing fluctuations in hotel inventory manually can be a challenging task. Through its integration with the event’s hotel booking engine, GPS automatically keeps track of requests to modify and cancel reservations. Event planners can view current requests and follow up with each hotel easily through the software. This streamlined process keeps everything in one place, reducing the risk of forgotten tasks.

Booking Comp Rooms

While negotiating group block contracts, some hotels offer complimentary rooms in exchange for a large number of guaranteed bookings. Complimentary rooms are a great asset when planning large events. The number of complimentary rooms offered to an event planner can be static or ratio-based. Whatever the structure, these rooms need to be managed along with the rest of the inventory. However, these rooms are not traditionally offered to the public.

GPS provides event planners with the flexibility to assign these rooms to the attendees of their choice. Booking a complimentary room is as easy as filling out a short form in the GPS Dashboard. Booked comp rooms are then included in the hotel rooming list.

Comp rooms are very helpful in sports travel management, where event planners have referees or umpires attending. It’s also helpful in other large events where guest speakers are treated like VIPs. By managing these rooms efficiently and easily, GPS frees an event planner to focus on relationships with these attendees.

Putting Together Rooming Lists

Rooming lists for each hotel make it easier for event planners to address check-in issues for their event. However, rooming lists are only helpful if they are accurate. When reservations are manually recorded, changes can be overlooked. This can complicate check-in. It can also complicate reconciliation of actual stays after an event, affecting an event planner’s commission.

Because GPS is already tracking all reservations made, canceled or modified, the rooming list is always accurate and current.

Get Started with GPS for Hotel Room Block Management

GPS allows event planners to easily manage large group blocks faster. Tasks are streamlined, saving event planners time. With more time, event planners can scale the number of events they manage each year. This gives event planners more opportunity to make money off commissions.

Also, GPS does more than room block management. GPS automates the hotel RFP process, and organizes reconciliation and invoicing after an event. Request a demo of GPS today by completing the contact form below.