January 23, 2019

Hotel request for proposal (RFP) management used to consist of endless spreadsheets, calendar reminders, and emails to track the RFP process. Hotel RFP management software now streamlines hotel RFP management so that event planners can be more efficient and get more done. Group Productivity Solution (GPS) by Alliance Reservations Network is particularly powerful at managing the hotel RFP process.

Managing Deadlines

To manage the deadlines of the hotel RFP process, an event planner used to need to keep a calendar of the dates and a corresponding spreadsheet or list of everything that needed to be accomplished by that date. For instance, an event planner might send out RFPs to 10 hotels and request that they respond by a particular date. As that deadline approached, the event planner would have to follow up on those proposals not yet received.

GPS has a proprietary task manager that keeps track of all outstanding to-do items. For example, when an event planner sends out digital RFPs through GPS, the software automatically notes that proposals need to be received by the date specified in the RFP. As that date approaches, the system will alert the event planner to which hotels have not responded.

For hotels that have not responded, GPS sends automated reminder emails to encourage a response to the RFP. This removes the tedious and time consuming task of chasing hotels to respond to RFPs.

Also, because hotels submit their proposals through a GPS form, GPS notes the deadline by when the event planner has to accept the proposal. This to-do item is also noted in the task manager, and the event planner is alerted when that deadline approaches.

Comparing Proposals

In the past, hotel proposals came in individually in many different formats. This made comparing bids time-consuming and inefficient.

GPS makes receiving and comparing proposals incredibly easy. Hotel bids are received and stored by GPS digitally for easy recall and review. The bid collection form automatically formats key information into a chart for easy side-by-side comparison. The fine print is still available for viewing, and event planners do not have to search through files or emails to reference them.

In GPS, accepting or rejecting a hotel’s bid is as simple as clicking a button.

Alliance’s Hotel RFP Management Software

GPS hotel RFP management software makes things simplified and fast. Everything is recorded in the software so that nothing falls through the cracks or gets forgotten. The time saved is exponentially greater for larger events.

GPS manages more than the hotel RFP process, too. Once contracts are signed, GPS manages all hotel room inventory in real time. Event attendees can book rooms through the responsive, private-label hotel booking engine just like they would on any retail site. The booking engine takes payments and updates inventory as attendees make reservations.

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