January 23, 2019

Managing hotel requests for proposal (RFP) used to consist of endless spreadsheets, calendar reminders, and emails to track the RFP process. Hotel RFP management software changed this.

Now event planners and group housing professionals can do more in less time. This software can do a lot, and not all solutions have the same feature set. But how does someone choose the right tool? This guide will help with that decision.

Hotel RFP Basics

A hotel RFP is a request by a client, such as an event planner, for a package of services at a hotel. This package can include a block of rooms, catering, meeting rooms, and other amenities.

Learn more about hotel RFPs and how to write an effective request.

Request Process

There is a process by which a person enters into a contract for services with a hotel. It starts with writing an RFP. Then the RFP document is sent to one or more hotels. Hotels interested in hosting the group block send back a proposal. This proposal includes:

  • The number of rooms
  • Room rates
  • Meeting space, and amenity details
  • Commission or compensation the hotel can offer the organizer

Sometimes there is a mismatch between what is requested in the RFP and what the hotel can offer. In this case, the two parties can negotiate until they reach an agreement. Once an agreement is reached, the two parties execute a contract.

Learn more about the hotel RFP process.

Managing the Request Process

For each step in the RFP process, there are tasks to manage. There are deadlines for both the group housing professional and the hotel. Professionals often need to follow up on requests and negotiations. Plus, hotels often have questions prior to submitting bids. 

Managing the tasks associated with the process can be done in a variety of ways. Learn more about hotel RFP management for event planners.

Hotel RFP Management Software Helps

Hotel RFP management software helps in several ways.

One Central Location

Good software facilitates every step in the hotel RFP process on a single platform. 

The RFP should be written in the application. You should be able to find the hotels you want to work within the application. There should be a way to send your RFP from within the application. Hotel bids should be captured by application. It should be easy to execute a contract without leaving the software.

Managing Deadlines

Good hotel RFP management software should make managing deadlines easy. You used to need to keep a calendar of the dates and a corresponding spreadsheet or list of everything that needed to be accomplished by that date. Good software should eliminate those spreadsheets and calendar reminders.

Streamlining Tasks

There are many things to do with many different deadlines. Good software should automatically capture tasks and remind you about deadlines. Integrated task management should also make it easy to complete tasks from your task list.

Group Productivity Solution

Group Productivity Solution (GPS) is event lodging management software with a robust RFP management module. It automates the entire RFP process, from writing the RFP to sending it digitally. It also facilitates digital contracts with a single click.

GPS makes receiving and comparing proposals incredibly easy. The software receives and stores hotel bids digitally for easy recall and review. The bid collection form automatically formats key information into a chart for easy side-by-side comparison. The fine print is still available for viewing, and event planners do not have to search through files or emails to reference them.

GPS also automates task management. The proprietary task manager keeps track of all outstanding to-do items. 

For example, when an event planner sends out digital RFPs through GPS, the software automatically notes that proposals need to be received by the date specified in the RFP. As that date approaches, the system will alert the event planner to which hotels have not responded.

For hotels that have not responded, GPS sends automated reminder emails to encourage a response to the RFP. This removes the tedious and time-consuming task of chasing hotels to respond to RFPs.

Also, because hotels submit their proposals through a GPS form, GPS notes the deadline by when the event planner has to accept the proposal. The task manager notes this to-do item, and the event planner gets an alert when that deadline approaches.

More than RPF Management

GPS manages more than the hotel RFP process, too. It’s a complete event lodging management solution. Once contracts are signed, GPS manages all hotel room inventory in real-time. 

Event attendees can book rooms through the responsive, private-label hotel booking engine just like they would on any retail site. The booking engine takes payments and updates inventory as attendees make reservations.

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