September 18, 2018

Companies that want to sell travel, especially those with existing development teams, often consider building their own hotel booking engines from scratch. However, there are a lot of reasons to instead connect to a hotel aggregator API like the one offered by Alliance Reservations Network. (Learn more about Hotel Aggregators.) Alliance’s API isn’t just a best-in-class product. Connecting to our API provides our customers huge savings.

This is because:

  • Connecting to our API is easy
  • There are no deposits or lines of credit needed
  • It comes with hotel rates in the best rate tier
  • We do all the reconciling and accounting

Companies that have their own user interface (UI) can save a lot of money in fees and deposits. Utilizing our hotel aggregator API provides access to inventory from every relevant supplier in the industry for a fraction of the cost. And our clients are up and running in a matter of months.


Development time is cut dramatically by using Alliance’s hotel aggregator API. Replicating the supplier API connections we already have takes years. In the time that it takes to build the one connection to our API, our clients gain access to the dozens of suppliers we do business with.

It’s worth noting that development time varies depending on the developer and their level of experience. Each supplier API is different, and the learning curve for working with them can be steep. However, connecting to Alliance’s API is easy. Our HTTP and SOAP-based APIs involve four simple calls:

  • Rate/Availability Search
  • Rate Detail
  • Booking
  • Cancellation

Alliance supports JSON or XML in our HTTP API, and XML only in our SOAP-based API.

Hotel Mapping

Our clients also save time and money on hotel mapping. Businesses that connect to more than one supplier have to create a system for hotel mapping. (Learn more about hotel mapping.) Each additional supplier connection complicates the hotel mapping process. However, the inventory available through Alliance’s hotel aggregator API is already expertly mapped and routinely cleaned. When our clients call for it, they get the most up-to-date content about each hotel property.

Cost Savings by Avoiding Lines of Credit

In the hotel industry, new businesses need to pay fees and place deposits of around $10,000 to establish lines of credit with hotel suppliers. This upfront cost has to be paid before an API connection can be built, and it can take a few months to execute a contract. Then the business needs to pay a developer to build the API connection. Not only does this add cost, but it delays the time that the business can begin selling hotel reservations.

Alliance clients skip this process and its associated cost. They resell the inventory we have already secured from our suppliers through our own lines of credit. And our hotel aggregator API clients are open for business long before they would be on their own.

The Best Pricing in the Industry

We have long-term relationships with all the relevant suppliers in the hotel industry. What’s more, Alliance has a proven performance track record with each supplier. Alliance facilitates a huge number of hotel reservations for our suppliers each year through our many partners. Because of our personal relationships with suppliers and our volume of business, we get the best rates available. It is difficult, if not impossible, for a business just starting in this space to match Alliance’s rates.


It cannot be understated how time consuming it is to reconcile hotel stays and calculate commissions. Each hotel reports back whether a reservation held or cancelled and any changes that might have been made to the reservation after booking. Each transaction needs to be reconciled to the booking record to ensure the right rate was charged and the right commission was paid out.

Because our partners are booking thousands of hotel rooms with many different hotels, we developed a proprietary accounting system. Our system automates this process, saving tons of time. Our hotel aggregator API clients simply review their reports on the reconciliations and deposit their commission checks. The system reduces the cost of accounting staff so they can focus on doing what they do best—selling travel.

Get Started With Alliance’s Hotel Aggregator API

Alliance Reservations Network is a leader in travel technology, and it focuses on building our clients’ brands, not our own. To learn more about our hotel aggregator API, visit Hotel API or fill out the contact form below.